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But if not properly configured, you can destroy your drive. SSDs can absorb a limited number of “writes” (information transferred) – a small amount of wear and tear occurs with each bit of data written to an SSD. Even so, users should avoid certain configuration options – such as hibernation and hybrid-sleep.Many SSD warranties cover either “total writes” or 2-5 years — whichever happens first.The easiest method: Disable hibernate and hybrid-sleep in Windows 7 and 8.Additionally, you may want to free up drive space by deleting the hibernate file.Note, though, that deleting the hibernate file also disables hibernate and hybrid-sleep.Now your system will no longer write to its hibernate file. On the Downside: Disabling the Windows hibernate feature can cause slower start-up times.Most users’ hibernate file is actually only 75% (which is the default) of system memory.

I use the following method: Type “CMD” (without quotation marks) into the Windows search bar.

Furthermore, upgrading the SSD’s firmware (its internal software) is highly recommended.

Many don’t know that SSDs, unlike regular hard drives, can sustain a limited number of writes before breaking.

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