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We are just not always willing to work at it as we should.

What God, through Moses, intended to do was manage a bad situation as best as possible.

Older widows, and by that he says, sixty and older, should not worry about getting remarried and the church should put them on the list for support. First, it meant that a young woman who could easily get married and be supported, would not end up permanently being supported by the church for the next 40 years.

Second, it took pressure off older women to find a husband at their age and receive the support of the church.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew ,32, Jesus makes it clear that if a spouse is guilty of sexual infidelity then the offended spouse is free to divorce.

That freedom to divorce carries with it the freedom to remarry.

That freedom is understood as the freedom to remarry.The principle here is carried further in that if a believing spouse opts for divorce and refuses to stay in the marriage, then you are free to remarry.You cannot be bound to one who refuses the relationship and leaves.In the Jewish culture in which Jesus spoke, the whole reason for a divorce was to be able to remarry.The certificate of divorce that He mentions was what gave a person the freedom to remarry.

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