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A blend of this pheromone and a food odorant specifically attracts ].

Our scope was to investigate volatile compounds mediating long-range communication, which are sensed by an Or at a distance and elicit upwind flight attraction.

Newly emerged flies were anesthetized under CO and sexed under a dissecting microscope.

A tentative explanation for the significantly reduced attraction response of ], and the interaction between these input channels with Or69a may be sexually dimorphic.

Last, but not least, attraction to habitats involves many other odorants that may further modulate attraction to ).

Natural selection, in shaping sensory preference for the natural habitat and food sources, creates a sensory bias that will affect mate preference and the evolution of mate signals [].

A cluster of LH neurons, termed P1, has been identified to collect olfactory and contact chemosensory signals and to elicit male courtship.

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Social interactions affect the choice of food patches in suggests a role of Z4-11Al in the formation of fly clusters at food sources.

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