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Finally, if she doesn’t agree, he would slut shame her.

She’s a woman and women are supposed to be around for men to seek pleasure. What’s worse is that these same men who seek their friends’ help to hook up with hot girls at parties, would never even allow a guy near their own sisters.

He would either persuade her till she blocks him on social media, or follow her till she changes her route.

Thanks to Bollywood, they think stalking her, intruding her private space, forcing her into something is how it’s done.

Indian men don’t make the best partners, or so everyone believes. They were all sent to co-ed schools, made to sit next to girls, and yet, most of them never had any female friends while growing up.

Some hadn’t even had any real conversations with girls all those years they were in school.

I guess I am venting and wondering, what is wrong with a black woman and an Indian/ middle eastern man being in a relationship or friendship.

I hoped for more, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. I knew this was never going to happen when he legit told me how he was raised to knew get into a relationship with a black woman.This is more about a system of bias rather than anything else.I grew up in the middle east, Israel, and didn't have many friends.Of course, a man who sees her as a trophy wouldn’t respect a simple ‘No’.The concept of consent and respecting someone’s choice wouldn’t occur to him.

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