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In the Embassy, a whiteboard lists the complex procedures involved should he face a medical emergency.

Assange’s physical universe for the past five years has been roughly three hundred and thirty square feet, comprising his private quarters and a few rooms that he shares with Ecuadorian staff.

There is a poster, published by the Ecuadorian ministry of foreign relations, of a tubby, grinning pre-Columbian figurine. He looked pale—one close friend described his skin as “translucent.” His hand trembled a little. Assange was wearing a red shirt, tucked into black trousers without a belt, and he seemed groggy.

There are cabinets filled with books, including dusty rows of a red-bound series, “Biblioteca Ecuatoriana Mínima” (1960). Hanging above the conference table from thin rods are two curious white orbs, each about the size of a volleyball. He was fighting battles around the world; he told me that he has had a hundred and fifty lawyers work on his behalf.

He is protected by a group of loyal staffers and a shroud of organizational secrecy.

One friend compared him to the central figure in Philip K.

Assange is not an easy man to get on the phone, let alone to see in person.

The work was invigorating, but his prolonged isolation was clearly taking a toll.

Assange has a fractured tooth, and a shoulder injury that requires an MRI, but if he leaves the Embassy for treatment he will face certain arrest.

“At one point, he was looking for an orthopedic doctor, and doctors were basically refusing to go in there,” Ben Griffin, a former British Special Forces soldier who volunteers as his personal trainer, told me.

As a precaution, Ecuador tried to negotiate a “safe passage” by which Assange could be admitted to a hospital without compromising his diplomatic protections, but the negotiations fell through.

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