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With the refs back turned Beth grabs Eve by the hair but Eve strikes her with a back hand, Natalya launches herself at Eve, Eve counters with a kick to the face.

She then turns to Beth and knocks her off the ring apron with a punch, Natalya goes to tackle Eve, she misses and lands hard into the turnbuckle, Eve catches Natalya off guard, rolling her up into a sneaky pin for the 1,2,3!

AAAAAAND Thank YOU for sending this to me @Hamdttitude!! 🤣 Of course we'd be the only people walking around not knowing everyone left.

The bell rings with the Glamazon and Kelly Kelly kicking things off, Beth lunges at Kelly with a knee thrust, Kelly drops to the mat and Beth repeatedly kicks her.Cooper said the two have "been together every day since." The Gumball 3000 website dubs Eve the "First Lady of Gumball." The 3,000-mile rally takes place on public roads and spans across 13 countries.This year's event began in Miami and went through Daytona, Atlanta, Charlotte and New York, where the drivers' vehicles were flown to Scotland.Both Divas whip Eve into the ropes and knock her down with a double clothesline, Natalya goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count.Natalya begins some trash talk, she forces Eve to her feet and violently barges her into the corner, the ref forces Natalya away.

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Following the match Eve scrambles out of the ring as the Divas of Doom launch themselves at her, ready to attack.

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