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When I got there, the director had decided to be the male talent in the scene, and it was non-condom. Other than that situation, the only "refusing" I've done has been in the context of being offered a particular role or scene in a movie and passing on it, and since my time with Wicked, that hasn't happened very often. The most extreme thing I have done is double penetration, and I did a five-guy orgy scene once.

AW: I've never been placed in a position where I would need to.

Angela White, 29, graduated from the University of Melbourne with a first-class honours in gender studies in 2010.

She runs her own production company and made headlines around the world after filming a sex scene in a university library.

Studios have to find out what their viewers like and make more of it – create an online community in order to keep your fanbase put and to give them a reason to actually pay money.

I see the companies that survive being big enough to produce enough content, but with a homely feel – for lack of a better word – so the viewer feels like they are a part of the family.

For example, my latest DVD showcases my first anal, interracial, and double penetration scenes, and the fact that I was able to have full control over who I worked with in front of the camera and who was there to capture it allowed me to be completely relaxed and able to explore my sexuality and lose myself in the moment.

As my talent is getting ready, I go over things with my cameramen and lighting guys and prepare the first set.

Sometimes I like cooking, and other times I like going out to restaurants to treat myself and get inspiration for cooking ideas to try at home.

My love for music, food, and travelling all come from my passion for international cultures – and I think these things really help give you a true sense of places.

People are generally surprised by my willingness and ability to accomplish their desires and bring them beyond expectations.

I've also always been up to take challenges and have often gone out of my way to buy things they wished me to have such as outfits, food, toys, etc.

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