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He apologizes for intruding last time while Ok Jung’s mother apologizes for the time he was injured but she didn’t know who he was so that was a grave disrespect.He says she also helped to save his life and he never got to thank her until now.Lee Soon makes it clear he’s spending time with Ok Jung and her mom, wanting to know more about Ok Jung.

It is not a world we modern people need to deem acceptable, as a viewer we are asked to judge and view on the standards by which they live.

Ok Jung says no, she is taking it one step at a time.

Unless she is reborn as a high class woman, those people will never stop looking down on her.

I miss this drama’s core that people who inhabit it are not sociopaths but are simply ruthless competitors in a winner take’s all battle.

The plotting is by-and-large still stupid but at least a tiny bit of the original heart seems to have seeped back.

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He’s very envious that Ok Jung’s mother knows a side of Ok Jung he never saw. Lee Soon takes his leave as he has an appointment with Prince Dongpyung.

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