Formview not updating sqldatasource

It should like the screen shot below (Form View is used to gather user inputs and the Grid View web control is used to retrieve records): Do not worry that the table won’t have any data at first, because it will be inserted later on in this tutorial.

Once you have created and added the database, the does not have controls to gather user inputs and retrieve database records.

After the Data Source ID of the Grid View control is set, the Sql Data Source control is ready to establish a connection with the Sql Server database, retrieve data from the database table and pass the data to the Grid View control.

For inserting records, either the Details View or the Form View control is commonly used with the Grid View control.

Right click on it in the Design view and click “Show Smart Tag,” and then, under “Choose Data Source,” select “Sql Data Source1.”The rest of the configuration needs a more detailed discussion.

Use this one if you are using Form View to insert records into the database.

In this project example, just ignore the other templates; we’ll focus on configuring Insert Item Template.

In fact, you only need to customize Insert Item Template for your web form to look better.

Right click on Form View in the Design view, click “Show Smart Tag” and then click the “Edit Templates” link. age textbox width = 49 px You can adjust the width by selecting the textbox web control in Design, and then clicking “Source” to go to Source code view; after that, add a Width property (see below): Width="192px" After adding the property, it will look like this: It is always a good practice to validate everything before inserting it into the database.

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For the data type, the name will be a string while the age is an integer.

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