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A former vice president of the American Cancer Society, her research work linked estrogen plus progestin and obesity to increased cancer risks. She even outlived a lawyer who'd arranged to inherit her house after her death by betting on outliving her.

Agnes Gooch in Auntie Mame and common game show contestent, especially To Tell the Truth (went to the same high school as fellow panelist Orson Bean).

Laugh-In's "Sock-it-to-Me" girl, an ex-wife of Burt Reynolds, returned to England after a difficult time in the States. Heart failure due to complications from anorexia nervosa.

Very popular lead singer of The Carpenters, one of the top groups of the early '70s.

Played Mary's short date on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Leck on several Deep Space Nine episodes, and dozens of cartoon voices, died on the same day as August Wilson.

Ralph, the carpenter, on Green Acres, appeared in dozens of other TV shows, died same day as Christopher Malcolm.

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