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He revised that assessment only after officials in Cooper's communications office asked others to search their phones.

And North Carolina's long-time state auditor urgently sought a meeting with the new governor to explain a damning assessment of state and county social service agencies."The time it took to generate the texts for you was substantially more than it would be for an email or giving you a copy of a written memo," Attorney General Josh Stein said in a recent interview.The state, he said, needs to figure out how to adapt in a world where work habits of the modern office have evolved more quickly than the state's public records policy.When he looked for guidance, the policy cupboard was bare. That was a common refrain from employees across state agencies, many of whom said the coalition's request was the first time anyone had explicitly asked for texts from their senior leaders.Still, it should not come as a surprise that members of the public, particularly journalists, came calling.

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