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And while you might think that the land of Slayer, Decapitated and Opeth isn’t suited to Comeback Kid, Jeremy is keen to point out that NB have recently signed the likes of Hatebreed and Agnostic Front, alongside newer hardcore bands like Broken Teeth.

But there’s no escaping the fact that Comeback Kid are a band of melody. Their gang vocal, bombastic choruses have become a staple part of the CBK sound and are simply joyous bellow out loud.

If your beliefs or opinions challenge the status quo then you can often feel like you don't belong, and growing up it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. Having been brought up in a pretty straight-laced household, he was now engaging in debate and being challenged by his peers, which went on to have a profound effect. I grew up in a pretty conservative, fundamentalist, Christian home and that definitely shaped my young mind.

Then I got into my local scene and it felt like an inviting environment to exchange ideas. There were Christians going to shows, Muslims going to shows, atheists, straight-edge, vegan… It was this cool kind of place where you can have these discussions and debates in our music.

You don’t necessarily understand how it works with everybody, but I do know that it just provides some reprieve from the daily grind for some people.

It puts in you in your special place.” , a term that can mean different things to different people.

“I see people that have left our band or other bands, and after two or three years they really miss it.

If you feel like you are done, make sure you’re done, because if you’re annoyed and you want to move on, a few years down the line you’re gonna miss it.” Something tells us Comeback Kid aren’t done yet.

“You get feedback from fans, and they mean it when they say your music helped them.

And how she wound up at a “hack-shop” brokerage, which is best described as a scene from the trading movie, Boiler Room.

We also discuss the bear market of oil, the impact falling prices have on a macro level, the skill sets that are have helped Tracy to survive and thrive as a trader, plus much more.

“As the years went on, I really made a point of challenging myself with the ideas that I grew up with and made some pretty big changes, so here I am however many years later as a vegan, atheist/agnostic type that swung from a right-leaning world view to a left-leaning world view.” Punk and hardcore has long been the refuge of people with a liberal mindset; a desire to stand up to prejudice and fight for what you believe in.

As a former member of the Green Party, Jeremy is no stranger to politics, although he prefers to describe himself as “politically aware” rather than an activist but will show up to rallies when he can.

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For this episode, I spoke with a trader who has spent many years in the financial hub of Chicago; Tracy – otherwise known as @Chi Grl on Twitter.

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