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Any male that I allow to be in My presence, can only do so as a servant or a slave.

(2/4) If you were attend a student drop-in session, what would you like to discuss? There are 4 polls in total, so please take part in all the polls and feel free to reply with other topics we might have missed.Smirna trimite și la asocierea mîntuitoare a morții cu Învierea.Un al doilea prilej de reflecție este ampla distribuție spațială a celor trei magi.Tradiția vorbește însă de trei personaje, le dă numele (Melchior, Gaspar și Balthazar) și specifică apartenența fiecăruia: Melchior e al Persiei, Gaspar – al Indiei, iar Balthazar al Arabiei.În Vechiul Testament există pasaje (Psalmul 71, Isaia 60) care anunță, profetic, pelerinajul de daruri cu care Orientul va întîmpina pe Domnul…De contemplat cu atenție este dubla „calificare“ a celor trei: sînt deopotrivă „regi“ și „magi“.

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  1. A bunch of elves keep nattering away about fulfilling a prophecy. Will Smith shoots a gas canister that causes a big explosion. Everyone knows about how powerful magical wands are, but only a random pattern of people seem to know that only a “Bright” can wield them.

  2. Most disciples of Osho Rajneesh who want to talk about both sides of the man find him a beautiful enigma, as well as a huge blessing in their life. At the very least he got multitudes of people to vigorously breathe, move, dance, laugh, cry, sing, feel, drop inhibitions, carefully witness the bodymind, meditate, work hard and give great thanks to the Divine Existence!

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  4. Although I haven't been online much, I have been writing this post in my head for days, weeks, even months. I couldn't be more ready to start this new year with fresh perspective and motivation. Our son is OK, but watching him go through days of testing leading into the holidays weighed on me quite a bit and ultimately led me to crave a bit of an online break and some extra time with my family.