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Quickly she straightened up and stood at attention before me. I drove her car to my home and parked it in the back of my barn. Then I aided her in expelling the spent liquor from her intestines. their wasn't any choice or the slightest objection on her part. The bounding inside her head intensified a hundred fold. She knew, she was outside, somewhere, naked and she felt for the covers .. Looking down she forced her eyes open, and she saw that the chain lead, from her neck to a fence post firmly driven in the ground, and another padlock secured it there. Young Bethany here has come all the way over here, to play with your ass." He explained to his now freezing trembling animal Through her partially open eye slits Claudia perceived the little girl from yesterday.

I knew from past experience that at this stage the stuck up bitches didn't appreciate any of my kind comments... and now forced her to ride NAKED on a metal rail with a ... If only the SOB driving her had only chained her hands in front so she could give herself relief .... She attempted to open her mouth to scream only to be rewarded with a mouthful of soapy cold water after he had played the stream over her rock hard nipples and chest. This was the first rare occasion, if you knew Claudia and her usually opinionated ways.

If you are under age or immature forget the following. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Claudia becomes a PIG Waiting for her arrival at the appointed parkway rest stop, I sat on the painted green wooden bench close to my sleek White Convertible. She seemed lost but finally sensed the animal magnetism of my aura and came hesitantly to a stop beside my bench. After all this meeting and the promise of illicit sex was ok with her ... Stopping my probing of her body I turned and left her standing there breathless beside her car. Turning back to her then I dragged her by the hair to the rear of her car. When I got tired I went over to her car, leaned comfortably and again ordered, "Nude NOW!! The memory of the encounter came flooding back, and the little girls curious exploring fingers pierced her fog shrouded memory. " he explained to the nude woman captive shivering before them.

She loosen up and I let my hand have free rein all over her back and plump ass. she stated to realize when she perceived the little girl she had 'met' yesterday as she 'rode' the horsie in the back of the truck. " Claudia cried as I lifted the chain up, forcing her to get up off her knees causing her to stand up almost straight for the little moppets delight and perusal. Bethany here wants to play with you and you better play with her nice!

(Claudia was now firmly held with her head closest to the floor and her feet up toward the ceiling.) Claudia arose from her euphoric state as the blood forcibly drained from her body to her head. From her disorientated perspective she saw him attach a long rubber tube, and a filled rubber bag to the nozzle. " "Please let me relieve myself and get on some cl..." she began. If I let you relieve the pressure you'd be a stinking mess, besides I have gone to all this trouble to arrange things like this. By this tape, he wants to insure everyone of my absolute cooperation in this and the further scenes. This time, though it was only a small amount of fluid. Soon she felt a drunken high like she had never felt before in her life.

" she pleaded as she started, hastily to make her way to the truck bed. So I drove piggy to the truck, and even let down the rear gate for her entrance. You could see it in her one uncoated eye, but I flicked the belt against my boot and she didn't even argue, any more. With a simple wrist movement on his part, the hole thing rotated and this time locked 90 degrees from it's origin position. To her consternation the nozzle was easily inserted deeply inside her and expanded making a tight non-loosening seal within her vitals. The screen in front of her lit up and she read in horror, "My name is Claudia -----. I am playing out this bondaage scene voluntarily with my new master. But then he rotated the frame again and reconnected the hose to the nozzle. Frantically she pleaded as she felt more cold fluids entering her by 'her back door'.

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