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They shined a light in and I rolled down the window. These places give wholly different lives to some people.

And just as people’s identities blurred up, so did the idea of place itself; that was part of the appeal. Once, after hooking up with a man in a stall, we walked out into the calm day together.Once I saw a bag of condoms nailed to a tree with a sign that read, “Be Safe Guys.” It was a kind gesture, but it somehow felt like an intrusion. I saw him go to his car, a car I hadn’t noticed before. Who knows what his life was like outside that stall?Because these places weren’t quite places, they weren’t destinations; not for most people. Well you know, a lot of guys come here for fun and games.” “Fun and games? His children were young and excited, crawling over each other in the back seat.There was no pretense, no awkward conversation or dancing around whether or not I should be attracted to somebody.There was no wondering if someone was straight or gay; there was no sexual orientation at all. Often, there was fence that blocked off the woods, and a break in that fence cut by someone who had been there before.

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