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If you are looking for an app to take secret photos, then this app won’t disappoint you.

This app can take secret photos completely undercover.

It's impressive, and it's definitely impacted these moron criminals in a big way.

(They all let me know, and they attack several of my abuse-reporting accounts.) Rather than fix the time it takes to shut a Yahoo Mail account down, Yahoo Abuse has instead decided to remove ANY form that might inform them of the abuse ever taking place, instead putting users through an endless loop of FAQ's about what spam is, and how to "flag a message as spam". Yahoo has systematically removed every single reporting form they ever had, in any country, to report criminal activity within their services. Yahoo is effectively supporting these criminals by making it impossible to report them. Did you know that most Nigerian scammers have now co-opted the Yahoo brand as part of their own names?

I've been using a system like this in one form or another since around 2002. It greatly reduces the time it takes to report every single Nigerian scammer I hear from every single day, and it works.This blog started as merely a means of describing who was behind certain spam campaigns and which illicit products they were selling illegally.Now it's more of an overall examination of how spam is merely one part of international organized crime.Like others have said, just charge a buck and let people get rid of ads.Like everything with i Phone you have to turn down or mute volume to not hear pics being took.

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