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During that time, bug fixes may be applied in this branch (rather than on the This step may well lead to a merge conflict (probably even, since we have changed the version number). Now we are really done and the release branch may be removed, since we don’t need it anymore: Hotfix branches are very much like release branches in that they are also meant to prepare for a new production release, albeit unplanned.

They arise from the necessity to act immediately upon an undesired state of a live production version.

Version control tools are supposed to assist in branching/merging more than anything else.

Enough about the tools, let’s head onto the development model.

”) and something you only do every once in a while.

But with Git, these actions are extremely cheap and simple, and they are considered one of the core parts of your workflow, really.

The different types of branches we may use are: Each of these branches have a specific purpose and are bound to strict rules as to which branches may be their originating branch and which branches must be their merge targets. By no means are these branches “special” from a technical perspective.

The branch types are categorized by how we Feature branches (or sometimes called topic branches) are used to develop new features for the upcoming or a distant future release.

All features targeted at future releases may not—they must wait until after the release branch is branched off.

I won’t talk about any of the projects’ details, merely about the branching strategy and release management.

For a thorough discussion on the pros and cons of Git compared to centralized source code control systems, see the web. As a developer, I prefer Git above all other tools around today.

This avoids losing information about the historical existence of a feature branch and groups together all commits that together added the feature.

Compare: In the latter case, it is impossible to see from the Git history which of the commit objects together have implemented a feature—you would have to manually read all the log messages. a group of commits), is a true headache in the latter situation, whereas it is easily done if the Release branches support preparation of a new production release.

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