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After successfully getting their voice assistant summon the other, users can they say a command.

Alexa customers will be able to access Cortana's unique work-related features like booking meetings, accessing work calendars or reading your work email.

Users, for example, will be able to say 'Ok Google, wash my clothes' to start the washer and 'Ok Google, are my clothes clean?

More devices and appliances will be announced in the coming weeks.

'From the start, we've believed that your Google Assistant should be available wherever you need help, and that's why it's already on Google Home, eligible Android phones, i Phones, Google Allo and Android Wear,' the announcement reads.'This week, we're continuing to make your Assistant available in even more places.'Speakers that will soon come with Google Assistant built in include: Zolo Mojo by Anker, Tic Home Mini by Mobvoi, and the GA10 by Panasonic.'And this is just the start, we'll continue to update this blog post as more speakers are announced this week,' the company said.

On the Microsoft blog, the company's own Corporate Vice President of Cortana Engineering, Andrew Shuman, said he would frequently have to use Alexa for certain tasks he couldn't accomplish with Cortana.'I talk to Cortana every day — at home, work and on-the-go — to get information about my day, to set reminders so I don't forget things, and to answer my questions.

But I don't just use one digital assistant,' he wrote.'I also frequently talk to Alexa to listen to audio books or to add things to my shopping list.'Alexa is mostly used in Echo devices that sit on surfaces throughout the home, whereas Cortana is mostly used on PCs.

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