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In addition, a homologue of dmd-1 exhibits male-specific expression in Schistosoma mansoni, a derived, dioecious flatworm.These results demonstrate conservation of the role of DM domain genes in sexual development in lophotrochozoans and suggest one means by which modulation of sex-specific pathways can drive the transition from hermaphroditism to dioecy..Although the tree had poor resolution, and low bootstrap support across most of the topology, it provided evidence of moderate-to-strong relationships between Smed-dmd-1 and homologues in S. mediterranea do not have obvious close homologues in other species based on phylogenetic reconstructions using DM domain or BLAST comparisons using the full protein sequence.

(c) Ventral view of the animal showing dmd-1 transcripts in the brain (br), sperm ducts (sd), seminal vesicles (sv) and penis papilla (pp) of a sexually mature planarian.We cloned four splice variants of dmd-1, with the longest open reading frame encoding a predicted protein of 341 aa (Supplementary Table S1, Supplementary Fig. An individual planarian’s reproductive system consists of both male and female gonads, as well as accessory reproductive organs (for example, oviducts, sperm ducts and seminal vesicles).In these hermaphrodites, the male gonads are located dorsolaterally and the female gonads are located ventrally at the base of the brain.27) (Gen Bank/EMBL/DDBJ accession number DN306099) and msy4 (refs 28, 29) (Gen Bank/EMBL/DDBJ accession number BK007100.1) (Fig.1h–j), suggesting that these are somatic cells of the testes.(a) Generalized reproductive system in the sexual planarian. Right, ovaries (pink) are located more ventrally at base of the brain.

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