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And the film has also gotten critical raves in all the reviews I've read online. The rest are archived and will be made available on Nicheclips if you send me an email request. You have to love any band that uses such explicit bondage imagery in their videos. Welcome back to GIMPTV, all music and all bondage all the time. is a reseller and pretty much the main place that all my sales come from.However, it is much more work for me, so the savings and promotions will vary from month to month. And I agree that the song in Sardu's music vid is much better and also agree in that the singer is pretty cute.I have extended the special from last month and it is as follows: Buy 1 get 1 for or buy 3 get 1 free. I've never really been into Goth chicks until I saw Liz Viscous , but definitely have a new appreciation since.Sardu and Jack Tripper - thanks for those vids - must admit my new favorite band will be Ghoultown - a Goth/Punk/Western band with a better bondage video than half the producers out there today.Shocker - man, you have major stones there partner - it seems all such legislation is intentionally written in a vague manner to keep attorneys employed - and the local DA is simply another attorney probably seeking higher political office and would squash any bondage producer in a heartbeat if he thought it would buy him one more vote - I certainly admire any producer trying to make a go of it in any political climate - good luck with your project. Griffith of our little corner of the film universe, and I was interested to see how much respect Rick pays to the technical and cinematic abilities of the HOM artists.Stay Well All Fantastic to see all those old HOM images. Now Rick himself has produced an awesome array of feature length films ... Speaking of HOM, does anyone, such as Scribbler (who Ralphus calls our own "HOM historian") or Sgt Major, know the early history of HOM?

Jane - that's good news on "Inquisition" and will be on the lookout for their return - thanks.The details are you must use the prices listed on my website. Although I've always had a thing for pale girls..long as they are not pasty white, I've always thought of Goths as not very attractive, and usually all tatted. I was feeling like I was jhlipton there for a moment..that there's anything wrong with that.Send me a check, cash or money order to: JMH Studios PMB# 221 3760 Market St. Liz and the lead singer of "Lesbian Bed Death." show that that's not always the case. ;-) I just had to throw that in, as I know even though JHL is taking a break "from all things Gimp", I know he probably can't stay away and is, even at this moment, lurking ;-) You know I'm just kidding with you right?You have 48 hours to download the movies, but if you need more time, let me know. Scot: "Cute" would not be adjective I'd use to describe the lead singer... We now have the technology to make the image loads better and re-release them. I love it that music videos and popular culture are embracing GIMP. Well, maybe in the Spanish Inquisition, or the Bush administration, right, whatever...Shocker - Welcome to the wonderful world of BDSM filmmaking, where you will be persecuted, dropped at a moments notice by your payment provider, web-host or anything else you depend on for financial stability.

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