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Everyone looks up to the guy who is cracking a dime-piece.

But are guys who achieve our universal boyhood dream of tying the knot with the hottest girl in the room sacrificing a lifetime of happiness for occasional physical pleasure and bragging rights? In that time Ive experienced a lot of women, and those women have spanned a wide gamut when it comes to physical attractiveness.

There was one I had a fling with in the summer of 2008 who had a somewhat cute face but about 40 extra pounds on her. You think you could get that kind of arrangement from Megan Fox?

She would come over and clean for me at least twice a week, though I never asked once. Another one came from a wealthy family, but she had a double chin and small breasts.

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If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.

Their life mission becomes to please you and keep you around.

The less attractive the girls Ive been with were, the more like a king they treated me.

Most of the ones Ive known have acted like I should feel privileged to wait on them hand and foot.

Every other entry in my Facebook news feed is either a picture of an engagement ring or an ultrasound.

While I have no desire to join their ranks, this shift in social dynamic has inspired me to look back through the women in my past (the ones I can remember, at least) and think about what I would look for were I ever to get into the whole monogamy thing. There is pretty much a straight-line inverse relationship between how physically attractive my former flames were and how good of a mate I think they would make.

Ill go a step further and say Id rather go snorkeling at a sewage treatment plant than spend the rest of my life with any of the eye-candy of my past.

The reasons why less attractive women make better life partners havent been difficult for me to wrap my brain around.

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I would be lying, however, if I told you that my more attractive conquests never inspired a more spirited victory dance the next morning.

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