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Among the LGBT watchers is a man named Jeremy Hooper who runs a nasty little blog called Good As You, which he most certainly is not.

Hooper is paid by the group GLAAD that is in business to defame and slander the good names of those who deviate from approved thought and speech. run by another gay named Joe Jervis, also in the business of slandering good people.

On Tuesday the odious Jeremy Hooper at Good As You picked this up.No doubt some of the LGBT staff members at Sinise’s operation, Fox News and the Washington Speaker’s Bureau raised the alarm.Their bosses were about to speak to a room full of haters.There was no public outcry, no petitions, no press conferences pointing the finger at Legatus and its speakers.There was a charge made on some little LGBT blogs and poof, Sinise and Baier whimpered away like scalded dogs.

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Professor Robert Oscar Lopez has documented the lies this group has spread about him. Other LGBT outlets pile on, including something Joe. He tells his readers that I support violence against LGBTs overseas even though I have spoken out against such things.

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