Is christian mingle a safe dating site

They knew my situation, they knew I hadn't used their service since March, and still decided to charge me thru November while giving me a lecture about how I'm not a responsible person, because it was in their "Terms" agreement.

Blessings, A calm, rational, and unbiased customer I received emails from con artist preying on Christian People.

I told them that's fine, but I promised I would never use their service again if they wouldn't make this exception.

They told me several times that it's in their "Terms" that I accepted and I should've been more on top of it and canceled my service before the auto-renewal hit.Of course, they emphasized I could not get a refund due to their policy. I was on the site for 90 days and tried to cancel as well. OOOOOOH floating away with baloons..while dumb girl is hanging on.I have no comparison to other sites being this is the only one I have tried, but BEWARE-totally frightening site when I read other reviews that profiles left after removal were being used by other people and also email addresses were gotten by other members. They automatically renew you even if you remove your profile which is what I did due to suspicious activity from predators. Yes please float away and take this STUPID site with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had decided that now I was more knowledgeable and knew to 4451013945548245 my red flags, so I decided to sign up for 1 more month.It is HORRIBLE and on the old website I was able to download the pictures!There is so many issues, I can't even name them all!

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