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It looks like Dezi’s wish is finally coming true with a bonus gift as well.Pressly revealed her son’s excitement saying that: The actress who had always wanted three kids finally feels like her family will be complete.they were in “complete shock” after taking a pregnancy test. It was just a shock, and I’m like, ‘Doctor, that’s impossible! When actress Jaime Pressly found out that she is expecting twin boys, it surprised her more than anyone else.(CBS SF) – Looks like Clusterfest performer Anna Faris and Planned Parenthood contributor Allison Janney are not the only stars of the hit CBS comedy ‘Mom’ making news this week. Get all the details in my interview with @people (link in bio) #Clearblue Confirmed #Clearblue Partner #twins #family” Big news for our family! On Wednesday, Jaime Pressly announced through Instagram that she is pregnant with twins. (Of course, they hid that part of their career for as long as possible.)Just keep in mind that these guys are exceptions to the rule, so don't get too much hope for a future in film if you're currently doing the dirty on camera.

READ MORE Marlon Wayans has just filed legal docs defending an Instagram post in which he called an extra from his movie "Haunted House 2" a n**** and a Cleveland lookalike ... READ MORE Jaime Pressly says Estella Warren's purse-snatching episode was NO accident, and she's warning the actress to never do it again ... The 39-year-old star first announced her pregnancy to People on its June 19 issue. Pressly, who already has a son, was quite shocked when she knew that she has two buns in her oven.In fact, she even told her doctor that it was impossible as her pregnancy was neither because of IVF nor did twins run on either of the pair’s family.The fact that twins didn’t run on her side or her boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi’s either made her think that it was impossible.Single or twin, we bet the actress and her partner is more than excited. The pair is already parenting Pressly’s 10-year-old son, Dezi James Calvo, from her previous relationship with Eric Calvo.

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