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With the web moving towards HTML5 and away from Flash™ applications (due to compatibility issues), Flash Coms should have taken note from 123Flash Chat and made a fully functional HTML5 version of their software.

What they have for mobile devices, is a scaled back version of their chat.

We're unsure why it has not taken over as the natural successor to 123 Flash Chat. Com is not using them purly because their desktop chat is Flash™ based.

The HTML5 version makes it mobile friendly but there are better options if mobile is your primary audience or if providing webcam access to them is important.

There are a number of cons to using 123Flash Chat and the biggest is its need to be patched but it has proven to be a work horse and has no problem operating with well over 1000 concurrent users. Allows webcams to be streamed to the entire room or to individuals.

While 123was still a functioning company there were several exploit or "hacks" that allowed people to redirect users to other websites and gain access to some administrative privileges.

Since 123 Flash Chat's closing more have been discovered and only a few websites have continued to patch the software and kept it as a viable option for people who want to run a chat site.

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We also like how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are integrated.

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