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He spent the years after Skins acting in one off dramas such as BBC Two’s Murder: Joint Enterprise and Channel 4’s Southcliffe, and most recently he has been working in radio, starring in several BBC Radio 4 dramas including Waiting for the Boatman.He’s still friendly with the cast of Skins – and celebrated Dev’s Oscar nomination with a brilliant reality-check for the rest of the crew.He starred as the ego-centric and manipulative anti-hero for two seasons before the show moved on to the second generation of characters and it was his fame as Tony that led to him becoming arguably the most famous actor from the Channel 4 series.He has gone on to star in Oscar-nominated drama A Single Man as well as summer blockbusters including Clash of the Titans, and the new series of X-Men films, as well as the critically-acclaimed award winning feminist drama Mad Max: Fury Road.

Exploring her personal life, she is still bachelor. Beside him there is no rumor of her dating any others. They are mostly spotted together during programs and events.He’s now back in the UK, working on becoming a vlogger with his own You Tube channel – and cutting off his man bun for a new role. Is Games of Thrones actor Joe Dempsie gay or is he straight?Well, a few years ago, Nicholas Hoult stated in an interview that he dated Joe for about four months but that they broke up because Joe was abusive.So Nick’s story is a definitive proof that Joe is gay, right? Nick clarified later that he was joking when he made the statement.

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