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“I know the date (the affair began) because I still have the log book and records,” Gotterba, 62, told the Enquirer.

He said they flew to Monterey, Calif., together and shared a “fantastic” bottle of merlot wine over dinner at the Highlands resort in Carmel.

During this time it was also leased to Saudi Arabian Sheikh Akram, for short time.

On August 25, 1981 the 707 was again withdrawn from use, stored at Newark and ferried to Le Bourget for further storage in August 1983. In November 1987 it has been sold to Trans Oceanic Aviation. During this time VIP interior was installed and it was modified with hush kits which converted it to a 707-138B(Q).

It also arrives a month after Travolta was accused of sexual battery by a 21-year-old male.

However, has shone a light on the true reason behind Lionsgate's decision to part ways with the project.

He said Travolta, 58, took him on more romantic trips to Hawaii, Amsterdam and Kenya.

A biopic based on the life of mobster John Gotti starring John Travolta in the lead role has been dropped just over a week before its release.

Lionsgate has parted ways with the drama centred on the Italian-American gangster with a source revealing to that the film has now been sold back to its producers.

“Sometimes he’d bring women along as beards, but he would ask me to join him in his suite and we’d spend the nights together. The pilot said he encouraged Travolta to get a girlfriend as cover, and that’s when the actor started dating Brooke Shields. They’d smile for the cameras and everyone assumed they were a couple,” he said.

The affair ended in 1986 after growing tensions, Gotterba said.

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During this time, on October 20, 1973, it was again withdrawn from use and stored. In September 1975 it was again sold, this time to Kirk Kerkorian / Tracy Investments Corp (Tracinda / TIC).

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