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Marijuana use, antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence and viral suppression in persons living with HIV (PLWH) in Florida. SLIDES Burrell II LE, Stubbs L, Bryant VE, Diggins A, Whitehead NE, Cook RL. STIs and Disclosure of Same-Sex Attraction: Implications for Prevention as Treatment. Dinasarapu AR, Chang KF, Zhang X, Riva A, Sleasman JW. The Concept of Self-identity and Using Avatars to Access HIV Information. Depression, Alcoholism and HIV: Prevalence and Impact on HIV-Related Hospitalizations. ABSTRACT Okafor C, Kelso N, Harman JS, Cook CL, Cook RL.

Disclosure of Same-Sex Sexual Attraction: Associations with STIs and Risky Sexual Behavior. ABSTRACT Funding support from U24 AA022002 and 3U01AA020797-04S1. Recent Trends in Youth Substance Use in Florida: 2004-2013. Alcohol Use as a Coping Mechanism for Loneliness in Minority HIV Adults 50 and Older. ABSTRACT Mills J, Kinsell H, Harman JS, Cook CL, Cook RL.

Rahim-Williams B, Kelso NE, Brumback B, Bryant K, Cook RL. Health Professional’s Use of Microblogging to Disseminate Health Related Information. University of Florida College of Public Health and Health professions Research Day. Co-infections of Hepatitis C or Tuberculosis Among Persons Living with HIV in the Florida Cohort Project. Substance use effects on Neurocognitive and Immune function among HIV-infected youth. Avatar Usage in HIV/AIDS Education with Gender and Ethnic Considerations.

Zirulnik A, Okafor C, Wijayabahu A, Zhou Z, Janelle J, Ojewale E, Cook RL. POSTER presentation at the 2015 National HIV Prevention Conference (CDC). ABSTRACT Zhang X, Nichols SL, Chang K, Karki M, Sleasman JW, Chi YY, Goodenow MM. Psychiatric Comorbidities in People Living with HIV Infection: Impact on Utilization of HIV-Related Hospitalizations.

Mobile Technology Use among Persons Living with HIV who Consume Alcohol.

Serotonin-Related Gene Polymorphisms and Asymptomatic Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV-Infected Alcohol Abusers.

The Prevalence and Patterns of Substance Use Across Age Cohorts in HIV Adults Within the State of Florida. Relationship of heavy drinking and binge drinking to HIV viral suppression within a new HIV cohort in Florida. Cook RL, Zhou Z, Kelso N, Whitehead N, Cook C, Harman J, Bryant K, Poschman K, Grigg B. 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society of Epidemiologic Research.

2016 Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism. Abstract submitted for poster or oral presentation.

Impact of a Cognitive Behavioral Intervention on Changes over Time in Depression, Alcohol Problems, and Sexual Risk Behaviors among HIV-Positive Haitians.

Frontal Neural Correlates of Working Memory Decline in Hazardous Drinkers Living with HIV.

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Contextualizing Psychosocial Functioning by Age Cohorts among HIV Older Adults 50 and Older.

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