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Some identifiers that a teen may be in an abusive relationship are: • Constantly canceling plans for reasons that don’t sound true • Always worrying about angering their boyfriend or girlfriend • Giving up activities important to them as well as becoming isolated from family and friends • Showing signs of physical abuse, like bruises or cuts, and having a boyfriend or girlfriend that wants them to be available all the time • Feeling pressured to have sex or feeling like a sex object It’s not enough to know the signs of a victim, Ellis said.

There are also signs that someone is the abuser: • Insulting his or her significant other in public or acting jealous if his or her boyfriend or girlfriend talks to others • Checking in on their partner constantly • Blowing disagreements out of proportion, threatening to breakup, or constantly worrying or accusing that the other will break up with them • Hitting or breaking things to intimidate their partner • Blaming others for their own problems • Abusing drugs and/or alcohol Ellis explains knowing the warning signs of an abusive person and speaking with someone about what is acceptable and what is not in a relationship is a good first step in prevention.

“Parents should keep lines of communication open between themselves and their teen.

Most teenagers want to talk to their parents about the issue, but are fearful of being ridiculed for the choices they made.” A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 states approximately nine percent of high school students reported being physically wounded by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Abusive behavior can include harmful words or actions.

“The abuser may get what he or she wants in the short term but may alienate their family and friends, get expelled from school and lose a job.

Abusers create patterns of behavior for themselves which puts them at risk for ruining future relationships.” Ellis stressed the negative effects of an unhealthy or violent relationship can remain with not only the people directly involved, but entire families for many years down the line.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is also available at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Dating Violence Essay, Research Paper Dating Violence Insulting your date, physically hitting your date, and making your date feel uncomfortable or making him or her worry about his or her safety are a few examples of dating violence.

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