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80 percent of internet users over age 76 use You Tube at some time.

Though streaming services are increasing, file sharing has stayed at the same level, around 20 percent, during the past few years.

More use the bank in their mobile phone and sell things on the net Nine out of ten (90%) of internet users have at some time bought something online, especially in the younger ages where almost all do it regularly.

More and more, now more than half (55%), also sell things on the net.

A third (32%) of the youngest children use the internet every day.

Girls are more active on social networks than boys.

Differences between women and men Women and men use the internet equally, but men spend more internet time at home, 15.5 hours per week, compared with 12.1 hours for women. They are also more interested in health and medical questions on the internet.

When it comes to smartphones, it is the opposite; women spend more time, 9.6 hours per week, compared with 8.5 hours for men. Men are more active on discussion forums and watch more movies and TV shows than women.

78 percent of the population uses the internet via mobile phone; 65 percent do it every day.File sharers are also the group that pays the most for streaming services, 60 percent of file sharers pay for streaming services, compared to 39 percent who do not use file sharing.Among the new services on the internet are Air Bn B and Uber, at 15 and 4 percent respectively.Almost half (45 %) of those who work read their work e-mail during vacation.Facebook increases, Twitter decreases The use of social networks continues to increase somewhat and has been stable for some years at 75 percent.

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