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The band originally consisted of Campbell, Wardman, Rebecca Creighton and Geneva Lane.

In mid-2013 Jessica Batist and Clarissa White joined the group, and they released their debut studio album, in 2014.

The group was formed after all members applied as solo candidates for the seventh series of The X Factor in 2010, but failed to qualify for the "Girls" category.

The judges, after a suggestion by Cowell, put them together in a band, qualifying for the Groups category. As a result of the public vote, they were put in bottom three and had to sing in the final showdown on 17 October, after Storm Lee polled the least amount of votes and was eliminated.

‘Dermot [O’Leary] used to say to me afterwards, “Why can’t you be normal?

” and I said, “Dermot, I just can’t do it.” I try but then I am like, “Oh my God, I just sang in front of 15 million people,” and I just didn’t know what I was saying.

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