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He should not be held liable for mischance and/or for taking one choice out of two or favouring one school rather than another in choosing as to what treatment is to be given to patient.

He is only liable when he falls below the standard of reasonable competent practitioner with equal skills.

Today it’s a common observation that medical practitioners and hospitals are being attacked by the relatives of the patient/deceased person for alleged medical negligence of the doctors.

An attempt is made to introspect medical profession with regards to doctor-patient relationship in the light of recent Honorable Supreme Court’s (landmark) judgement (Jacob Mathew v.

A doctor is not negligent if there is another responsible body of medical opinion who would have acted in the same way as the treating clinician.

State of ) and to rejuvenate medical professionals to maintain the nobel status of the profession.

Negligence is a type of tort or delict that can be either criminal or civil in nature.

Negligence is the breach of duty caused by omission to do something which a reasonable and prudent person guided by those considerations which ordinarily regulates human affairs would do or doing something which a prudent and reasonable person guided by similar considerations would not do.

Professionals such as doctors are persons having special skill and knowledge and possess such requisite qualifications that they will profess their skill with reasonable degree of care and caution.

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Since long the medical profession is considered as highly respected and a nobel profession.

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