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Household items such as loo cleaner are not going to cause a problem.’Indeed, the charity Coeliac UK makes no recommendation that sufferers use only gluten-free products on the face or body.

But Simon Duffy, founder of men’s skincare brand Bulldog, which makes gluten-free products, said shoppers were sceptical about that advice.

While the idea of special ‘gluten-free’ water and toilet cleaner might seem preposterous, shoppers are increasingly turning to such items in the belief they are following a more healthy lifestyle.

The ISO week date and the Weekdate Dating System are examples of leap week calendars that eliminate the month.

Most leap week calendars take advantage of the 400-year cycle of the Gregorian calendar, which has exactly 20,871 weeks.

By Ian Marber, Nutritionist and author My first foray into gluten-free food came after I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in the early 1990s: strangely cylindrical ‘bread’ made with lentil flour instead of wheat.

I popped a slice under the grill to toast and waited. I turned away for just a moment and the thing burst into flames. Now there is a bewildering array of gluten-free products stuffed into every supermarket and bakery.

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