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But when the big reputable services like Match.com, e Harmony.com, etc.

discover a bad profile, they take action to remove it.

While 'online dating scams' are only one of a number of safer dating issues you need to be concerned with, it is a great starting point for increasing your awareness of potential pitfalls to avoid.

Learn from those who've been duped Below I've listed a few, 'hot off the press' savvy tips for becoming a more confident, online dater.

As I'm sure you've experienced, mistakes are often our best teachers.

A great place to better understand the 'seedier' side of the online dating landscape is by learning from those who've been victimized. was started by Barb Sluppick, a scam victim from Missouri.

Another myth I want to dispel is thinking you are safe/safer patronizing bigger, well known, mainstream sites, like Match, Chemistry, etc. For example, I just read about an intelligent woman who was duped out of over ,000 by a man she met and fell in love with in 2008 on e Harmony (1).

Not even 'dated' (oops, sorry, couldn't resist) advice, such as avoiding free dating sites, is fool proof. Jim Houran, a colleague of mine here at Online Dating Magazine, reports, "Predators are found on all sites, so barriers like 'paid' vs 'non paid' are meaningless, truth be told." Joe Tracy, founder and editor of Online Dating Magazine and a new online site devoted to the topic, called states that: "...online dating services don’t know what profiles are real and which ones are fake.

As you read, you will realize the problem of online dating safety concerns and scams are real, frequent and, often quite serious.Did you know that Valentine's Day and springtime are the busiest times of the year for online dating sites?This is the time of year you are most likely to join a dating site, or renew an existing membership.The website is a treasure trove of resources, and the site's sole focus is helping victims and educating anyone and everyone with an interest on the topic. She's found this to be very helpful in keeping away most lesbian impersonators.I found very comprehensive information at the United State's Department of State website.

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