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It has been conceived and designed to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the common man for travel, money transfer and payment services at a location close to him.

The Smart Shop provides the common man various options (based on price, comfort and convenience).

Our Centre not only cultivates success with numbers but also builds Self Confidence in the child.

Children who have gone through this program have benefited tremendously in term of Skill improvement in Mental and abacus calculations.

SPACE offers you a unique opportunity to touch the lives of the Indian people to promote astronomy and space sciences.

Inherent in this broad mission are methods of instruction, research, extended education and public service designed to educate people and improve the human condition.smmart is the brainchild of Mr.We are looking for dynamic franchise and dealer networks all over India.Somany Ceramics Ltd is one such company which began as a vision of the future and an adapting, ever-changing companion to every customer ever since and is now a trail-blazer for everyone to follow.In the early 90s, young Parsi entrepreneurs realized the potential for home delivery of pizzas.From the outset, they wanted to set extremely high standards that would be supplemented by a wide variety of toppings - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

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LCD/LED, Plasma, TV, Music system, DVD players,etc.

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