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If you already have i Tunes, you can subscribe by clicking here.We also currently support the open source Ogg Vorbis audio format and we have an Ogg Vorbis RSS audio feed , too.Their idea to deliver gift baskets to first responders and hospital workers turned into a massive outpouring of gratitude in the form of 1,000 baskets full of treats for the many people who helped that fateful night.The Robertsons live in Denver and reached out to about 20 fellow survivors from Colorado, who then reached out to another 20 from other states, and another 200 Las Vegans.Christmas may be over, but don’t let that feeling and spirit of Christmas be packed away with your ornaments.There are so many ways we can keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts every day.(The band name is from the penalty a hockey player gets for fighting during a match.) They wrote the song as a tribute to the troops who are fighting far from home this Christmas.

Randi Kaye, 50, hosted CNN's 2017 New Year's Eve coverage from Denver, Colorado.

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It took the Robertsons just a few days to raise ,000 through an online campaign that helped pay for the goodies.

They negotiated with several vendors who helped provide, at low or no cost, thousands of items. Don’t underestimate the power of giving, and its healing power.

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While I so deeply appreciate troops and vets, I want to say thanks to those in our community who keep us safe and provide help in our time of need: police, highway patrol, deputy sheriffs, firefighters and REMSA EMTs.

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