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'We've been told she could have a really good future in American pageants, but anything is possible - film, adverts, mainstream modelling.

I want Sasha to have all the options.' In the forthcoming documentary, Jayne takes Sasha to a major agency, in the hope that she will be signed up.

If people have a problem with it, I'd say it is 'Besides, as I keep saying, this is what Sasha wants.' And what Sasha wants, Sasha clearly gets. Ask Sasha how she sees herself and she replies: 'Blonde, pretty, dumb - I don't need brains.' Her mum laughs her head off at this, proud that the child is so like her.

Last Christmas, Jayne and her husband, Martin, a builder who works all over the UK and is barely at home, spent £26,000 on Sasha's presents, which included a swimming pool.

The image I have in my head is of Exorcist Barbie, but Jayne sees something else entirely.

Her response to the pageant pictures of Sasha - looking shocking with deep red lips and heavily smoked eyes - probably says more about her than her daughter.

Then she turned her attentions to Sasha - getting her in front of the cameras became paramount. Even as a baby she was a 'total poser', playing up for the cameras and basking in the attention. I'm just helping her do what she wants, like any good parent would. 'But, even without make-up, she looks about 13 or 14, certainly older than her age.' She thinks this is a good thing and brushes off questions about unwelcome male attention. She makes Sasha practise her cheerleading wherever she goes - even pushing her into the middle of the floor in restaurants. 'You have to be out there, being noticed, even at a bus stop. ' What will become of the child, who turns just 12 in two weeks?

When I ask whether this latest pageant business is just about her trying to realise her own thwarted ambitions through her daughter, she is offended - but only because the question assumes her career is over, which she denies. 'People go on about the paedophile thing, but they've got that one wrong. If anything, it's the fresh-faced younger ones they want. There are plenty of 11-year-old girls on beaches in bikinis. We might hope for a reverse teenage rebellion - one in which she dyes her hair mousey brown and professes a desire to study political science at university - but it's unlikely.

' Is it a coincidence that Jayne would have been working as a promotional model when Jordan came along and changed all the rules about how restrictive such a career can be.She boasts she has met the pneumatic queen of the glamour world, and was even photographed with her. As she watched Jordan achieve extraordinary mainstream success, Jayne tried to forge her own path in the new world, where everything crass and ostentatious was celebrated rather than shunned. I just want the best for her.' Yet can 'the best' really involve holding her hand as she steps into a terrifyingly sexualised world? I'm just helping my daughter make something of her life.She set up a limo hire business, and tried to get a foothold in the reality TV world, appearing on Wife Swap. I'm not past it yet.' She maintains it has always been Sasha who has driven her own 'career' forward. It is Jayne herself who says that her daughter looks 'about 18' when she has full make-up on. Any good mum would do the same.' After our interview, Jayne will be taking Sasha to cheerleading classes, in a further bid to realise that all-American dream.'People say she looks like Barbie' - Jayne is so proud of her daughter's success The model booker says a vehement 'no', horrified by her portfolio, and tells Jayne that clients want their child models to look like children, and that for this sort of career success she would have to stop bleaching Sasha's hair and encouraging her to wear plastic nails. It comes as no surprise that Jayne used to be a model herself, and one who worked in the 'glamour' side of the business.She started at 23 - which, she explains, was 'far too late' for real career success - and now believes that earlier is better, in order to maximise profit and notoriety. I was always short and fat - not like Sasha - but I did OK with the modelling.

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