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Or with the increased recruiting footprint and success in North Carolina, can they continue to sign 5-6 guys from Virginia?

— Let's Go Hokies (@Lets Go Hokies08) February 8, 2018I think they just need to find the best recruits that they can get, and sometimes that's in state and sometimes that's out of state.

What can VT do to get their brand competing with Clemson/UM/FSU and compete for next tier recruits? 😲 pic.twitter.com/DT1m Vj Vlvq— Steveng (@stevenghinkle) February 8, 2018For starters, I would take with a grain of salt any "study" that has Alabama as the 19th most recognized brand according to recruits.Those aren't exactly sexy schools, but, a year here or there notwithstanding, they've been pretty consistently excellent in recent years. It's cold in the winter and the Badgers play a plodding style of football -- but it's always playing in that first week of December and has been consistently ranked pretty high over the years.I think if this survey would have been done around the turn of the century, Virginia Tech would have been pretty high.It's where the Virginia Tech knows the most coaches and thus can get the best evaluations on players.And with the Cavaliers struggling to get much of a foothold in the state lately, there's certainly an opportunity for the Hokies to clean up locally. And Tech's got enough reach that it can extend to other places and find better fits for what it wants to be doing schematically than by just staying close to home. The 2013 class that I just reviewed and turned out pretty good had 12 in-state players.

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