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Her friendship with Andre helps bring her out of her shell, reinforcing this film's timeless message: a little love can have big results.

"If you loved Free Willy, you'll adore Andre" (Maggie Barron, Kids Today), a totally delightful family film.“What they would do is send me an episode on VHS and then send me the script and I would have to turn it into like a 120-page novel for teen readers.It really allowed me to quit my day job, those books.“And so, years later, walking across the Fox lot when I had that [production] deal, I finally stopped at Vince Gilligan’s door, and introduced myself and said, ‘you really…you put food on my table and taught me what a TV script looks like.’ He was gracious.And, strangely, he had all of those novels sitting behind him between bookends.

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  3. I cannot wait to get home and start my life now but I am very scared about going to prison.’The pair were originally convicted in November in the criminal court, where they were both sentenced to three months in jail and given a €630 fine for drinking alcohol – a crime in the Islamic country.