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From here we were able to view the ancient road that Jesus walked during his 40 days and nights of fasting; I told Jarod I couldn’t make it with 10 bottles of water…. We also discussed this road is the Psalm 23 “yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” valley. We got our first looks at the Temple Mount and the Western (wailing) wall.Words cannot explain what it feels like to be here.If you want God to lead you, have God in you so you can lead others.Peter had to be broken before he could serve which then allowed Christ to work through him.

Catholics believe that Peter was the first “pope” and Jesus commissioned Peter to be the first “pope” at this site and this is why the Catholics have a church there and modesty rules etc (of which I found out, unfortunately, as I was almost not let in because I was wearing shorts…).

Seeing the old historical ruins, walking on 8000 year old ruins, seeing the places where Jesus walked just does not top being in a location that we know has so much history left to fulfill in it; a place where we will someday be in the New Jerusalem ourselves.

Nothing can top that Day #4 Today we traveled to: Tabgha This is the location where Jesus first called his disciples, specifically Peter, Andrew and John.

We enjoyed the cool, beautiful historical Jordan River while the Jordan fish exfoliated my feet for me.

Stop #2: Belvoir Fortress Unfortunately we were unable to go here as planned.

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Stop #3: Beit Shean This is the location of archaeological excavations of Roman and Byzantine sites dating from 6000BC- 1600BC. We learned here that the Biblical story of Legion, the demon possessed man that Jesus healed came to this city and saved many through his story.

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