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It should be noted that the study also touches upon a number of other aspects of Hogarth's art.

A novelty in Hogarth research, the study also contains a thorough formal analysis of the print.

Apart from questions of content, the book also contains detailed formal analyses of Hogarth's art.

Chapter 4.8.4 is about how Hogarth quite deliberately employed his "Line of Beauty (and Grace)" in several of his paintings.

Its imagery, borrowed - ironically - from "high" art (e.g.

from works by Raphael, Dürer, Michelangelo, Correggio, Rubens, Rembrandt or Charles Le Brun), provides the key to a new understanding of the purpose behind Hogarth's taking single motifs from the works of highly reputed Old Masters and using them in new, topical, but often "low" contexts.

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The text includes a great number of original quotations from contemporary periodicals, pamphlets and treatises, concerning the theory of art (eclecticism, picture auctions, criticism of connoisseurship, the profane and blasphemy in art), the history of religion and religious tradition (English Puritanism, deism, Methodism [particularly George Whitefield], antipapism, witchcraft and demonology, iconoclasm, anti-Semitism, antitrinitarianism, the debate on transubstantiation), as well as social, cultural and medical history (the anatomy of the brain, the maltreatment of dogs, physiognomy, eroticism, sex murder, eighteenth-century melancholy, madness, and enthusiasm).

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