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So as I said, stick to the hadiths in terms of what is haram and halal - that is good enough.After all there is no scientific proof that G-d exists and the fact you are asking the question, suggests that you do believe in Him.

This makes the person living in the west uncertain about the validity of the advice they have been given.

Many modern psychologists say that masturbation is just like normal sexual intercourse, rather even better because you are master of yourself, you don't have to worry about your partner's feelings!

This is an example of how low the materialist society has sunk into its self-centered and selfish attitude that even in sex it prefers to seek self-gratification with the exclusion of the spouse.

he answered Ýãä ÃÈÊÛì æÑÇÁ Ðáß ÝÃæáÆß åã ÇáÚÇÏæäSurra23 verse 7 There are two totally different issues here.1. Discussing the medical/social impact of these is interesting from a curiousity/personal interest point of view, but whatever the answers are should not affect your understanding as to whether it is haram or halal.

I think what happens on shiachat sometimes is that sometimes people based in the west ask for evidence - in good faith people living in eastern countries provide 'proof' that quite frankly sucks and has no medical substantiation in the scientifically accepted sense.

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