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So I first ran -nos_ne which extracts the msi to the temp directory, you can also specify the path using -nos_ne -nos_o"Path" I then used Install Shield to look at the MSI Property Table and found the Installer Settings I needed to tweak, namely to remove the checkmarks from "Update Now" and "Run On-Demand Scan".

My installer line was then MSIEXEC /Ivse800REBOOTPROMT=Suppress REBOOT=Really Suppress RUNAUTOUPDATE=False RUNONDEMANDSCAN=False /qb- I used Network Associated Installation Designer 8.0.0 to compile a silent install for Virus Scan 8.0.0.

I wanted to know if anyone else is running Mc Afee enterprise and if there is workaround ?

When I install Mc Afee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.2.1 via the Mc Afee Agent onto a brand new, freshly imaged Mac running mac OS Sierra 10.12.2, it installs and communicates with the e PO server just fine.

However, if there is something PREVENTING you from dropping Mc Afee from the Flash Player installs (like some kind of horrid contractual obligation), then please, at least do us the favour of NOT automatically checking the "Include Mc Afee" checkbox during installation.

First of all, if someone installing or updating Flash already has an AV app on their system, installing a second one can cause conflicts.

Fortunately pushing this new version is working so far so it's unnecessary.When I try to uninstall the product by running /usr/local/Mc AFee/uninstall EPM it gives an error and never uninstalls.Because I can't uninstall it, I am unable to reinstall the product either manually or by pushing from the server.Secondly (and I have a feeling this is what you guys are counting on), not everyone will SEE that it's automatically checked and wind up installing Mc Afee without realising it, without wanting it, without fully consenting to it.Thirdly, it's just plain insulting to those of us who actually know a good AV app is.

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On upgrading Mac OS from El Capitan to Sierra, the agent temp folder was getting deleted, causing DAT updates to fail.

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