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She is most often recognized in reference to her brother, Joseph Brant, leader of the Mohawk people and founder of Brantford. It is generally accepted that Molly was born in 1736, possibly in the Ohio Valley (Wilson 1976: 55; Graymont 1979: 416) where her family lived for some time.

Her parents seem to have been Margaret and Peter, who were from Canajoharie, the upper Mohawk village.

They were registered in the chapel at Fort Hunter, the lower village, as Protestant Christians.

He went to the police with a bunch of papers that he said contained the evidence of Molly’s plan, she denied everything and tried to accused him of burglary, but the thing was that the house where Molly’s lived at the time was still the marital home So Gibbs send threatening telegrams to Molly’s lawyers in the UK, those telegrams were just revealed by the FBI, the case was close when Molly didn’t press charges.

Who was Molly Brant, also known as Koñwatsi-tsiaiéñni?

This is a question asked all too frequently when the name is mentioned.

In Molly's time, when a chief died, the clan mother, in consultation with other women in the clan, would choose the man who would assume the appropriate name and become the successor to the deceased chief.

The clan mother would often choose a man of her lineage and of that of the deceased chief (Tooker 1978: 424; Graymont1976: 31; Thomas 1989: 143).

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