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Surrogacy involves a third party giving birth to a baby conceived with either one or both parents' genetic material.The new guidance states: "Several cases have come to light where there is no genetic link between the intended parents and the child born through a surrogacy arrangement."And Britons also face fraud in the form of faked documents used by some clinics: "Please be aware that some foreign clinics and individuals have in the past provided fraudulent documents for the surrogate mother." Officials stress that people should make sure they work with "a reputable clinic which can satisfy you at an early stage that the child is genetically linked to you". In Britain it is legal only if done for "altruistic" motives, and only "reasonable expenses" are allowed to be paid. Yet while prospective parents may be able to get a baby abroad, they may not be able to leave the country or allowed to enter Britain with the child unless they have the correct paperwork.NOTE: A number of you have written to posit that Amy's date who claimed to be an orthopaedic surgeon was saying 'anaesthetist', which is a legit job.Amy couldn't pronounce his mispronunciation, but he actually kept saying 'anestethist', which is 1.

SHE shot to fame playing the tough and wise-cracking Debbie Dingle on Emmerdale, her first and only professional acting role. She was born Charlotte Anne Webb on 26 February 1988 in Bury, Greater Manchester.

It was originally supposed to be a small part as foster child Debbie Jones, but the character was later developed and revealed as the daughter of Charity and Cain Dingle.

Her storylines have included teenage pregnancy, crime, through to the present day of running her own business and owning her own house.

They welcomed their first child, a boy called Buster, in April 2010 and in December 2015 their second son, Bowie was born.

The couple split in August 2013 but were reconciled a year later.

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