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We are DEFINITELY not in Rockhampton any more Toto! Reflecting back over the time we spent taking our break in Southern California to escape the summer rainy season in Central America was, in the end, actually very successful: Ken re-discovered his nursing profession, travel funds were topped up, approx 17,000 photos/items scanned, named and filed, new acquaintances and friends met, old friends visited, and valuable time spent with our closet USA friends….if that’s wasn’t enough it was all topped off with an amazing Aussie adventure to spend time with our mums, family and Aussie friends (this trip actually left us feeling more homesick then ever before). After an amazing 4 weeks of family, friends, fun, BBQ’s, beers and beaches we headed back to the USA for a final 5 week contract before heading to Mexico, swinging our legs back over our trusty steads and cycling off into the sunset to see what awaits us in Central and South America! Always a blast with the most unhealthy but delicious food you will come across!! Some tall thick vegetation blocked most of those early morning wind, which quickly turned into a nice tailwind all the way into downtown. Oh well, we will just have to wait until tomorrow, when we will be back in our old stomping ground of Fullerton!Keith’s waiting in Pajamas to pick us up, EVEN though we had organised a shuttle!! Night spent with the Smith’s around a lovely fire pit (only a 40 degree Fahrenheit temp difference! A sad daily reminder how Society really does only move as fast as its slowest member, so even though we have personal rights, being part of a society we need to have a social conscious, respect and sometimes do without what we want for the safety of others!! We literally could have hit the shooters apartment with a rock if we threw one from our bedroom window! World news around the corner from where we stayed for well over a week to exploit Oops, ‘tell the story’ of the San Bernardino Massacre shooters’. We thank Mark & Colleen Friis, the Warmshowers hosts who kindly let us rent a room from them, lent us a car, and bicycles when needed, and for their tolerance of our ‘Vampire lifestyle’. We’d love to have you along if your feeling up for a bit of adventure. Eight Weeks in: Ken is back on, and has tamed the ‘Work’ horse so to speak. As we were planning our next move: Wait…..what’s that tapping our shoulder…….”it was a Costco Angel”. So we stood in line and the kind lady place our order. Back to the Desert Lands, where work was broken up with a great ‘Meet, Greet and Dinner’ with Bill, Julie and Family (warmshowers Hosts in Redlands, that invited us over during our USA stay! We have taken every opportunity to spend as much time possible with friends, which has been priceless. Thanks to our personal Salcido taxi service (Erin and Jim), it was off to LAX for our next ‘Side Adventure’ to………. State/Country: Nevada, California, USA Until Next time our friends, Stay Safe The Travellingfoxes – Ken & Jules Holy Moly!! It took a little getting used too…..everyday real life again, that is….it was a little overwhelming for Ken. Kind of the same theory as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”!! Summary Weather: “Just absolutely bloody beautiful Towns/Villages: Los Angeles, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, Placentia, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Redlands. Well as prepared as we thought we were for landing back in Southern California “The Big Smoke” it was rather intimidating for both of us. Once we were off the plane, with bag in hand we were quickly whisked away to ‘home’ by our good mate Keith. Meet Mark and Colleen and their two wonderful dogs ‘Sam & Kaya’ Well, they say all good things come to an end, and so the dreaded big “W day” arrived …….’Thou shalt not speak of such a word’!

We thought that after 3months of work we deserved a bit of a holiday!!! This should be called ‘the Selfie trip’ as there are more than 20 selfie shots within! Nico’s Briskey’s This first week was spent surprising EVERYONE! ……, can a patch of grass offering nothing but grass really be this expensive (hence why bushcamping is a bargain).

Then it was the ‘Boys’ morning to ham it up with the kids and do a bit of ‘Manly’ painting of Xmas crafts from pinterest!!! Time for a little tandem ride with decorations on Christmas day before work Kens Birthday Kens final night shift with the Redlands gang and a special photo with Dahlia, who missed the gang photo, as she was actually working!! Not the same not having a Salcido or Smith with us!!! Well, as we sit here waiting to board our flight to Cancun Mexico, we discuss how this journey can be compared similarly to that of an Ironman Triathlon, which we have successfully completed in the past. Unfortunately we have a few irritating aches and pains since we’ve stopped riding………what’s that telling us……’go back out on the bikes’. The hospital here doesn’t take on short term secretaries, and even to volunteer at the hospital, the process was going to take such a long time, we would have been leaving by the time she would be starting. She is tackling a photo scanning project which we have wanted to do for years. When Ken goes to work, Jules goes to work scanning! He got us all sorted and we got to work reorganising our gear. We spent our last evening relaxing, doing some photos/blog… Summary Weather: Hot sunny day Towns/Villages: Puerto Morelos, Cancun State/Country: Quintana Roo / Mexico Please don’t forget to visit and click on the ‘follow me’ button at our new Blog Site for our continuing Journey commencing in January 2016 cycling through Yucatan, Central and South America at: https://travellingfoxes68part2.Amigos, Hasta Proxima Tiempo, Stay Safe The Travellingfoxes – Ken & Jules A 2fer to help you forget it all!

The circus was in town with Austin as the main ringleader, and bike stuff arrived!! Christmas in Brea Then we strolled through one of the crazy American neighbourhoods that go absolutely ‘Balls to the Walls’ with their Christmas decorations! Jules picked me up on the Tandem and we rode down to a lovely cafe, Martha’s Green, for a celebratory breakfast. Standing at the starting line waiting patiently (sometimes impatiently) for that gun to go off, we reflect on the preparation, planning, fitness, our abilities, strengths, weakness and mental toughness. Ruth our Yoga ‘guru’, has been an integral party of our strength training for over 6 years! That is, the scanning, naming and dating of all our travel photos/scrapbooks (pre-digital) from 1992 to 2002, which entails…..whew!!!! It will be touch and go to have it complete before we head off again this is one committed and dedicated woman!! Well, one big change for us was the acquisition of a set of ‘wheels’ thanks to Ms Heather (a work colleague of Kens) Woohoo! We made a quick ride to the carwash (had to remove some of that sand from the bikes)… …listening to good music, and yarning with Benito (he cooked us a lovely dinner). July 13, 2015 Day 438 Playa del Carmen – Puerto Morelos (Q. It was a mid afternoon start, 2pm, hot with a slight headwind and …….

ROO) Mexico Distance: 0km Total: 20245km Jules was up early to watch a beautiful sunrise, however it was rather disappointing effort! We had a morning swim and the we met and yapped with “Juan”, who is a professional photographer, so he took a few snaps of us with our bikes.

After our lazy, late, long and lush breaky (well brunch by at this hour!

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Lunch date with Paige (Ken’s little sis) Great Historical Buildings of Rockhampton The lovely Riverwalk Ole A&E Crew of Rocky! The night sky was clear and full of stars with a pleasant cool breeze.

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