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He proved prophetic and died a man of absolute truth. According to official Red Cross records the numbers of people, all people, who died in German concentration, actually, work or holding camps, was some 270,000. If they didn’t die, as is obvious, in the holding camps, then, what happened to them? It was also the means by which well-placed Zionists and also low-level operatives could enrich themselves through theft, not only of the land of the Palestinian people but also through the usurpation of the assets and wealth of European nations. Just because they were Jews they were tormented, tortured, killed, even gassed alive.” Sure they were, right. It’s cops and robbers in real life, arch-Zionist moles playing both roles.

Well, since they are wigs, it’s not a big accomplishment. Is it not categorically clear, signed and sealed – undeniable? Not only this but he also deems anyone who claims otherwise a liar to be held accountable under the laws of perjury? How much control has been exerted, how much money stolen, how many funds/assets purged, all because of a treacherous, arch-Zionist lie.However they can be very cunning and adaptive when it comes to faking their backgrounds.With the availability of photo shop and filters in the social media applications a woman from Muchatha can easily post photos of her faded jeans and mtumba high heels and airbrush them together with the back ground to seem like she comes from Karen.The drawings were made by the rabbis, just for the fake exhibition. Even the purported impressed number on that arm is a clear fake, as is this image, which was constructed in the Zionist photolab studios.Where in the world did the Zionists get these wax heads? Really, the Germans were into tribalistic head shrinking techniques, too? Were there black Jews with American-style conks who were roasted alive, gassed, and shrunk in those chambers, too? Nothing about the Holocaust is real: absolutely nothing. The fact is there was no Holocaust against European, even Russian, Jewry. What is fact is that it was both European and Russian Jewry who committed the Holocaust: against the gullible, vulnerable goy and the equally gullible, vulnerable Islamic people.

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However, the simple fact remains for history's judgment — Reagan was right. Supreme Court should strengthen the keystone of our Republic in the pending case of United States v. S.-Russia relations has little to do with conventional geopolitics. With it comes a barrage of information offering support for help and relief - and as you plan precautionary measures to help take care, you may be left wondering what can you do?

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