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‘I could never recreate the happiness of my marriage to Keith, so why try? Her late husband Keith, a property developer, was ‘the love of her life’, but her grief at his death has now been ­supplanted by the sense of liberation that ­independence has given her. ‘I’m having far too much fun to consider settling down again,’ she says.Maureen, 64, met her boyfriend, ­Italian-born Guido Castro, at a lunch where she was guest speaker three years ago.‘He is a lovely man and I care for him deeply,’ she says, before adding the ­significant proviso, ‘but we don’t live together and marriage isn’t on the cards.So why has this breed of intrepid ­Sassies emerged?Chartered ­psychologist Dr Gary Wood, who specialises in attitudes and ­stereotypes, says our ­concept of age has changed over the past few decades.It was her son, the Conservative MP Dan Byles, who persuaded her to row the Atlantic with him.

‘Fifty years ago, women in their 60s were considered elderly.

‘I have a great sex life,’ she says, ‘And I have collected a lot of male admirers who are waiting to sweep me off my feet.

They get awfully ­jealous when I see other men.‘They are usually younger than me — I find about 52 is the perfect age. I meet them through friends, through my after-dinner speaking ­engagements and through work — I’ve no need to look on the internet.’Victoria also finds that men of her own age lack her vigour and ­impulsiveness.

Men in their 40s are too young and usually have too much baggage. ‘I love having adventures — recently I went backpacking in Thailand.

I think a 60-year-old man might find that rather tough going,’ she says.

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I worked in the film business and became friends with big stars such as Roger Moore and Sammy Davis Jr. Victoria, 61, runs her own beauty and scented candle ­business.

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