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Also, they had a fire in their previous apartment and all of the old pictures are gone.

One other thing is that she has told me about how her family has a garden that she helps with.

After a month of talking with her online, she started talking about coming out here and she wanted to marry me.Lou (USA) Report N2 I recieved 3 emails and pictures from her, then i recieved a email from a translator stating that she was over her amount and if i wished to help her to contact them. David (USA) Report N3 (added on April, 27, 2005) She responded to me from Date, after I sent an email to her thinking she a local girl.In her sent email she sent a picture that was identical to one on this site and I knew she was a scam for sure.I found her name on this site, but it was not the same picture.I am waiting for her contact info to see if it matches the address for the other girl who does have an address in Tomsk.

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9)As one of your other submitters reported she found a very valuable coin, and saw it as a sign of luck and good fortune for our future.

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