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Or, view/print this PDF if you wish to have a step-by-step guide.It’s not complicated, but there are multiple steps to the process because you first need to establish a basic NY-ALERT account before you sign up for sex offender relocation alerts.After confirming and saving your settings, your “My Alerts – Home” web page will detail the alerts you’ve registered to receive.You won’t need to do anything more, unless you want to change the way you receive alerts or the locations you wish to be alerted about.To begin, you must enter: After you’ve done that, your e-mail address will be validated and a “sign-up wizard” will take you through each step to establish a basic NY-ALERT account.During that process, you will need to provide additional contact information, such as e-mail addresses, cell numbers (denoted as SMS on the contact information page) and land-line numbers, and an address (home or business – it’s up to you).Once you establish a basic NY-ALERT account, you will have your own “My Alerts – Home” web page.On that page, you’ll need to click the “Add Notification” icon, which will bring you to a page with a “Sex Offender Re-Location Alerts” icon.

You will have the option to choose: After you’ve added your specific locations, you will be asked to confirm them.Is there a law against posting the photograph and offense of offenders that live in my jurisdiction in the restrooms of a local restaurant?I am a concerned citizen regarding the safety of the children?Alerts are triggered when addresses for Level 2 and 3 sex offenders listed on the DCJS website are changed on the state’s Sex Offender Registry.Address changes are processed within 24 hours of receipt, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. If you don’t have access to computer, you can subscribe to receive NY-Alert messages via phone by calling 1-888-697-6972 Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m.

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My father is a violent offender and is terminally ill. Will this information be made available for the public to access through this website?

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